extended plea
New Music Sep 15  |  

TOULOUSE’s ‘Extended Plea’ album is full of passion

TOULOUSE manages to make every song he releases into an emotional culmination. The talented singer/songwriter’s Extended Plea captivates as expected, with a grand total of eight soul wrenching records. The project, which was released via the Los Angeles-based Terrible Records, speaks to emotions that are often viewed as weaknesses in a very poignant way that . . .

New Music Sep 11  |  

TOULOUSE embraces the beauty of life on “Here & Now”

“It’s a beautiful life, and I just wanna get down…in the here & now.” Life can be agonizingly difficult at times, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still beautiful. TOULOUSE embraces this complex dichotomy with his gorgeous, disorienting new single, “Here & Now.” TOULOUSE peels back a lot of layers on this one, as . . .

reach out
New Music Jun 21  |  

Toulouse expresses a powerful sentiment with “Reach Out”

“It takes more courage to love an imperfect being that to hate an imperfect being.” Toulouse delivers a somber, impactful single with his latest release, “Reach Out.” The New York City-based singer/songwriter sings about the level of commitment it takes to love an imperfect person. Stream “Reach Out” below.

New Music Apr 5  |  

Toulouse refuses to give in to circumstance on “It Is Well”

Toulouse is a very heartfelt artist – from his vocals, to the messages that he seeks to convey. His grandiose new release, “It Is Well,” conveys more that can be absorbed with one listen. Suffice it to say that the New York City creative has created another gem for the people. In regards to the . . .

New Music May 13  |  

TOULOUSE delivers heartfelt soul music with “Hurtin”

TOULOUSE‘s “Hurtin” makes me feel like I’m in a BET movie – specifically; the part of the movie where I know I messed up, so I show up at my woman’s door with a bouquet of flowers, apologize for my mistakes, and we ride off happily into the sunset. This is heartfelt, organic soul with . . .