no love
New Music Aug 14  |  

Krs remakes TLC’s “No Scrubs” for “No Love”

Jamaican producer extraordinaire Krs. has given us another noteworthy remix, this time applying his unique blend of dancehall and future beats influences to TLC’s “No Scrubs.” “No Love” is an infectious listen that puts a refreshing spin on a classic record. If you’re near Toronto, check out Krs.’s Boiler Room set on August 21st. Stream . . .

Way Back

TLC – “Way Back” ft. Snoop Dogg (Video)

TLC is gearing up to release their fifth and final album on June 30th. We get a preview of their self-titled grand finale in the form of “Way Back,” their summer new single featuring Snoop Dogg. The song’s newly released music video finds T-Boz, Chilli and Snoop Dogg on the West Coast enjoying a cookout . . .

diggin on you
New Music Jan 5  |  

Kaytranada remixes TLC’s “Diggin On You”

Montreal bred producer Kaytranada has been on one hell of a run as of late, centering around the success of his stellar 99.9% album. He decided to take a break from touring to drop two remixes, one of which is an amazing, floating remake of TLC‘s “Diggin On You.” In typical Kaytra fashion, this new . . .

dirty dirty
New Music Aug 15  |  

TLC – “Dirty Dirty” ft. Missy Elliot (AOBeats Flip)

TLC and Missy Elliot‘s “Dirty Dirty” receives an infectious, futuristic remix courtesy of forward-thinking producer AOBeats. This flip will have random parts of your body moving instinctively, thanks to a dynamic percussion section and some creative melodic sequences. Stream the AOBeats flip of “Dirty Dirty” below.

No Scrubs

TLC – “No Scrubs (StéLouse Flip)”

StéLouse, which is phonetically pronounced “stay loose,” has taken liberties with TLC’s iconic “No Scrubs” and added a modern touch. Synths, futuristic sound effects, steady percussion, and chopped vocals are fused together with ease. Stream StéLouse’s “No Scrubs” remix below.

Crooked Smile
New Music Sep 18  |  

Video: J. Cole ft. TLC – “Crooked Smile”

In all honesty, I expected J. Cole‘s “Crooked Smile” video to be a fairly generic, if mildly empowering music video. The song, which encourages everyone to embrace their imperfections, didn’t bring to mind the powerful emotion it is now associated with, thanks to the dramatic depiction of the death of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, a seven-year-old girl . . .

Hip-Hop Campaign Speech: Kaytranada

Hip-Hop Campaign Speech: Kaytranada

You could easily say that 2016 was one of the best years for hip-hop in recent memory, but who had the BEST year? The contributors at Artistic Manifesto submitted their pick of which artist had the biggest 2016, and wrote a speech from that artist’s perspective. Now it’s up to you, the reader, to decide . . .

Sweet F-in Love
New Music Jan 10  |  

Alicia Keys and Kaytranada make some “Sweet F-in Love”

“I’m talkin’ ’bout sweet, sweet f’in love.” Alicia Keys teams up with Kaytranada for her newest single, “Sweet F-in Love.” Last year was an extremely busy year for Kay. Recently, he’s remixed tracks by the likes of TLC, LATRELLE, Chance the Rapper and Solange. His critically acclaimed album, 99.9%, is just a piece of what . . .


AM Blacklist: Celebrating Iconic Black Music from 1995 – 2000

The latter half of the 1990s, from 1995 to 2000, was the beginning of a wide takeover period in pop culture for black musicians, artists, and singers. Black artists experienced great crossover appeal from the urban market to topping Billboard’s hot 100. During this time, black artists were found to be lucrative in various arenas. . . .


AM Blacklist: Celebrating Iconic Black Music from 1990 – 1995

The early ’90s are often cited as a period of great musical growth for black music. It was the time of the “Golden Age of Hip-Hop”. The music was groundbreaking and sonically innovative. A lot of albums considered to be classics were produced during this era. Nas‘ Illmatic, Wu-Tang‘s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) was . . .

New Music Sep 25  |  

BANKX – “No Scrubs”

TLC has some company, as Milwaukee’s BANKX proves that he also doesn’t mess with scrubs. Put PartyNextDoor and Travis Scott in a blender, and the end result might come out sounding like BANKX. “No Scrubs” provides euphoric sounds, while keeping things interesting with a catchy melody as the hook along with a hard-hitting baseline. This should ease the wait, as . . .

Jermaine Dupri
New Music Sep 23  |  

Today in Music History: Jermaine Dupri

One of the most under-appreciated and influential producers turned 43 today: Jermaine Dupri. Jermaine Dupri is arguably one of the hardest working men in the music business. He started off as a dancer. Whether it was crashing the stage at a Diana Ross concert at the age of 10 to the delight of concertgoers or . . .


Toronto’s #BareGyal Movement Inspires “#DearGyal Mixtape Vol. 1” (Premiere)

Toronto is a burgeoning scene for music culture, whether the rest of the world chooses to recognize it or not. Two major players in the scene, R&B songstress Andreena and DJ extraordinaire Lissa Monét, have connected once more to release a highly anticipated mix project called #DearGyalMixtape Vol. 1, inspired by the revolutionary #Baregyal event series. #Baregyal . . .

Lil' Mama
Editorial May 29  |  

Lil’ Mama Is The Carefree Black Girl We Secretly Want To Be

I’ll probably be the first person to publicly say that I see it for Lil’ Mama. While I’m still confused at why she thought it was okay to run up on Jay Z and Alicia Keys like that years ago, Lil’ Mama needs to be looked at in a different light. She might not be . . .

To Be Real
New Music Feb 10  |  

CyHi The Prynce – “To Be Real”

If you’re like me, your parents played a lot of soul during your childhood days. You might hear a familiar sample in CyHi The Prynce‘s “To Be Real,” namely the Cheryl Lynn song of the same name. Production courtesy of Narcotics, Tec Beatz and Brandon Black is upbeat and energetic. CyHi keeps things fun throughout. . . .