stop lying fam
New Music Sep 20  |  

R.O.M. – “Stop Lying Fam”

Somebody had to do it. We knew it was coming. R.O.M. took his stab at remixing the infamous “why you always lying” song that’s been sweeping the internet, adding his signature blend of R&B and electronic influences to the mix. By all accounts, this was a highlight of the FutureSNDS show in London last week. Stream . . .

Pray For Charlestonn
New Music Jun 18  |  

Masego – “Peace & Love (Pray For Charleston)” ft. R.O.M.

In the wake of a terrorist attack in Charleston, South Carolina that left nine dead and many searching for answers, Masego reconnects with R.O.M for “Peace & Love (Pray For Charleston).” Appropriately, this record finds the two young talents tapping into the more slow-paced, soothing sides of their respective brands of music to call for . . .

Fly Away
New Music May 9  |  

Kimani & R.O.M. – “Fly Away”

Today is R.O.M.‘s birthday. What better way to celebrate than with the release of a new track? This time around, the Birmingham-based beatsmith connects with Milton Keynes-based vocalist Kimani for “Fly Away.” Look for more releases from Kimani and R.O.M. in the near future. Stream “Fly Away” below.

New Music May 1  |  

R.O.M. – “inLove?”

R.O.M. drops another smooth flip, this time taking control of a familiar Amerie classic for “inLove?” The young, up and coming producer continues to develop his passion for musicianship, delivering unique releases that ensure we don’t change the channel any time soon. Stream “inLove?” below.

New Music Apr 22  |  

Pharrell Williams – “Frontin (R.O.M. & DEFFIE Remix)”

R.O.M. and DEFFIE prove their impeccable compatibility as a production duo once more, with a “3-for-1” remix of Pharrell’s “Frontin.” Just in time for the warm weather, these two have taken the undeniable feel of this summertime classic and revamped it for a new era. Complex but catchy, this “3-for-1” remix has a few twists . . .


R.O.M., DEFFIE & Masego – “Done” (Premiere)

R.O.M., DEFFIE, and Masego have each been putting out fire as of late. We just heard the beautiful complexities of R.O.M. and DEFFIE’s “Grandmaster,” and saw Masego’s  Medasin-produced “Girls That Dance” turn into a certified underground hit.  Today, we receive another reminder of to the power of a well-executed collaboration in the form of their newly released . . .

New Music Apr 11  |  

Deffie & R.O.M. – “Grandmaster”

Los Angeles and London collide, as experimental producers Deffie and R.O.M. team up for the enthralling sounds of “Grandmaster.” Dizzying melodies, deep bass, varied percussion and a well incorporated Pharrell sample are some of the elements that make this an intriguingly unusual listen from start to finish. Stream “Grandmaster” below.

New Music Feb 18  |  

R.O.M. – “Dreams” (EP)

English producer R.O.M. shatters expectations with his newly released Dreams EP, courtesy of Future Beats Records. Lush, melodic, futuristic production is the defining trait of this eight-track project. Moods and sounds vary, but by the time the project comes to a conclusion, we feel as though we’ve been on an unpredictable journey through one exciting . . .

Wish You Were Here
New Music Feb 14  |  

R.O.M. – “Wish You Were Here (I Miss You)”

For his next magic trick, R.O.M. takes vocals from Beyoncé’s “Deja Vu” and flips them into a soothing, slow moving experimental instrumental, “Wish You Were Here (I Miss You).” Presented courtesy of Future Beats Records, the newly released track has a futuristic but timeless feel to it. R.O.M. includes complex layers of instrumentation that not . . .

False Awakening
New Music Nov 5  |  

R.O.M. – “False Awakening”

Eighteen year old producer R.O.M. has something special on his hands with releases such as “False Awakening.” The Staffordshire, Great Britain native is smart enough to know all of the rules, and creative enough to know how to break them. Referring to “False Awakening” as an instrumental is limiting and insufficient. The instrumentation comes to . . .

New Music Oct 5  |  


R.O.M. is a multi-instrumentalist from Dudley, U.K. with a world of potential at his fingertips. His latest release, “GRAVITY,” is an imaginative journey through experimental production that leaves listeners wanting more. Much of R.O.M.’s music is inspired by thoughts of relationships, ex-girlfriends, and past loves. We can sense just a taste of wistfulness and nostalgia . . .

New Music May 31  |  

ROMderful chops up Bell Biv Devoe for “She’s Poison”

ROMderful, also known as “the artist formerly known as R.O.M.,” saw fit to chop up Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison” in a way that only he can. The result is “She’s Poison,” a bouncy, synth-filled romp that deserves inclusion on all of your summertime playlists. Stream “She’s Poison” below.


Maydien & ROMderful’s “Here” is a testament to perseverance (Premiere)

Dutch vocalist Maydien and U.K.-based producer ROMderful, also known as R.O.M., are a fitting duo on their ambient new release, “Here.” ROMderful’s bouncy, melodically driven production serves as an ample backdrop for Maydien’s elastic delivery, which toes the line gracefully between singing and rapping. The production has a slightly ominous feel to it, with guitar . . .

She's Amazing
New Music Jul 17  |  

ROM’s “She’s Amazing” is made for intimate moments

Birmingham-based producer and multi-instrumentalist ROM is back with another sensual groove, “She’s Amazing.” It’s fitting that many of ROM’s songs are tied in to romance, as his musical palette lends itself well to intimacy. I know for a fact that whenever I get another chance to go on a vacation somewhere tropical, this song will . . .

R.O.M. x Jamvvis - Destination
New Music Jan 13  |  

R.O.M And Jåmvvis Get Intricate In Their Collaborative Track, “Destination”

In this new track, “Destination,” R.O.M. and jåmvvis combine their production efforts for an intoxicating overall mix. The fusion of sounds is exceptional, ranging from springy synths, oriental sound effects, and authentic guitar bits. The intricate meshing together of various styles in one cohesive song lives up to the title; it becomes a destination. As if, a . . .