New Music Apr 14  |  

Fyfe – “Belong” ft. Kimbra

Fyfe rarely releases collaborative efforts, but “Belong,” which features Kimbra, proves to be a very solid match. Fyfe and Kimbra both have very clear vocals and impressive falsettos, which they put to great use over refreshing, melodic electronic production. Let’s hope that we hear more from these two in the near future. Stream “Belong” below.

Better Man
New Music Jul 4  |  

Fyfe pledges to be a “Better Man”

There’s a level of intrigue carefully crafted into every melody that Fyfe composes. His latest release, “Better Man,” continues that trend, as it is packed to the brim with refreshing sounds and topped off with a slight dose of mystery. Featuring Peter Gregson and The Iskra String Quartet, this somber release allows the London native to display . . .

New Music May 18  |  

Fyfe feels that tough times make him “Stronger”

“How much can I lose, before my time is through?” On his latest release, “Stronger,” London-based singer and songwriter Fyfe poses questions that many of us have been able to relate to at different times in our lives. He  wonders exactly how much more of a troubled romantic relationship he can deal with on his latest release. Stream “Stronger” . . .

New Music May 20  |  

Fyfe – “Solace (LCAW Remix)”

Fyfe‘s intricate, expressive music has proven multiple times to be excellent material for remixing. The London-based vocalist has a distinct style that isn’t easily forgotten. Munich producer LCAW took his talents to work on Fyfe’s “Solace,” giving it an eerie, dark feel that deviates considerably from the stylings of the original. Stream the LCAW remix . . .

Polythene Love
New Music Mar 6  |  

Fyfe – “Polythene Love” & “Control”

With Fyfe’s debut album, Control, set to release on March 9th, it’s safe to say that anticipation is in the air. The unique, London-based pop vocalist dropped two new tracks today, “Polythene Love” and the album title track. Stream “Polythene Love” and “Control” below. Purchase Control the album via iTunes.

New Music Mar 3  |  

FYFE – “Veins”

Fyfe‘s ethereal, salient brand of pop continues to find resonance. His latest release, “Veins,” is slow moving and grandiose. Echoing choral vocals, mellow guitar strums, subtle percussion, somber piano, and more combine to give the smooth singer’s recognizable vocals the perfect backdrop. Pre-order Control via iTunes. Order the limited edition physical copy here. Stream “Veins” . . .

through the wire
New Music Dec 10  |  

Listen to Fyfe’s Amazing Remix of Kanye West’s “Through The Wire”

Fyfe takes a big risk remixing Kanye West‘s “Through The Wire.” Many consider classic Kanye to be untouchable. However, Fyfe is not your average artist. He truly infuses this unforgettable record with his own style, sound, and lyrics, holding on to the original chorus and giving it an elegant, refined new feel. Look for Fyfe’s . . .

holding on
New Music Oct 8  |  

Fyfe – “Holding On”

It’s hard to describe all of the intangibles that make Fyfe such a unique artist. It’s better to simply listen. “Holding On” is the latest in a long line of impressive releases from the London visionary. Warm, brazen instrumentation accompany lyrics of adventurousness and persistence. Fyfe continues to show that he is the complete package. . . .

New Music Jul 18  |  

Fyfe – “Brooklyn, MI”

When you think of Brooklyn, Michigan doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Fyfe‘s “Brooklyn, MI” resolves that with a vivid story over soothing, organic production held together by emotive guitar strums and steadily pulsing percussion. Fyfe’s vocals have a crystal clear quality to them that very few artists can match. Stream “Brooklyn, MI” below.

For You
New Music May 6  |  

FYFE – “For You”

FYFE has carved out a signature sound with tracks such as “For You,” and I would consider myself an unapologetic fan. Crystal clear vocals, lush harmonies, and driving instrumentation transport listeners to another world. “For You” begins with a slow build up, before it delves into a more jazzy sound, as the track concludes with . . .

New Music Aug 22  |  

Summer Camp – “Fresh (Fyfe Remix)”

London producer Fyfe has an undeniable talent of musicianship. Whether his own original work, or remixes of other artists’ work, he has a knack for crafting unique sounds that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. His remix of Summer Camp‘s “Fresh” is the latest to reach our ears, and is no exception to the . . .