Alex Vaughn receives her “Blessings” and uplifts others with her latest


“Anything you want, is waiting. All for you. You just gotta breathe to receive all the blessings.”

Alex Vaughn soothes with “Blessings,” her ethereal new single. Over sparse, spacey production, the Maryland-based singer/songwriter encourages her listeners to let things flow, vibe out, and receive the gifts from God that are already on the way.

This song is beautiful, sonically. Alex’s vocals are as crystal clear as her growing fanbase would expect. That being said, Alex’s music is truly powerful because of the way she addresses her inner struggles, deep-rooted fears, and faith-driven conviction.

On this record in particular, Alex sings of a conversation that she had with her God about her mental struggles and lack of clarity. God told her to stop overthinking, stop worrying, and trust herself. This is a more downtempo than Alex’s previous single, the 90’s influenced “Gotta Have It,” which found her encouraging listeners to make whatever sacrifices necessary for their dreams.

Stream “Blessings” below.