Sylvan LaCue provides music for the thinkers with ‘Apologies In Advance’ (Album)

apologies in advance

Miami native Sylvan Lacue‘s Apologies In Advance album has been highly anticipated, to say the least. Tracks such as “Best Me,” “Selfish,” “Guilt Trip,” and “5:55” set the stage for his 20-track new release. The project is an engaging listen from start to finish, but it certainly isn’t a light body of work, topically speaking.

Sylvan explained: “Apologies in Advance is a concept album surrounded around the idea of an AA meeting but for emotions. Each song on the album represents an emotion to confront. My goal for this album is to get as many of us to start opening up and talking about some of the issues that we deal with on a day to day basis in an effort to heal.”

His explanation further contextualizes the gloomy album cover, which depicts the veteran emcee alone, with his head down and his emotions on his sleeves. This isn’t a project that can be absorbed with one listen – there are a lot of layers to be absorbed.

Stream Apologies In Advance below, purchase via iTunes, and watch the “Apology Accepted” short film afterwards.

1. Step 1: Apologies In Advance
2. Best Me
3. Step 2: Getting Uncomfortable
4. Head Games (Ft. JaVonté)
5. Steps 3 & 4: Becoming Yourself
6. Empathy (Ft. Bjrnck)
7. Steps 5 & 6: Distant Ally
8. Selfish
9. Guilt Trip
10. Step 7: What We Deserve
11. Coffee Break
12. Grateful
13. Steps 8 & 9: Nature Vs. Nurture
14. P.O.M.E.
15. Step 10: Ain’t No Perfect
16. Perfect Imperfections
17. Step 11: Full Cup
18. Love & Sacrfice
19. Step 12: Apology Accepted
20. 5:55