Rell Jerv shows his R&B side on “Nude”

Rell Jerv shows his R&B side on "Nude"

Rell Jerv previosuly unleashed “Cheated On Yourself.” He is back to drop “Nude” which is the 2nd song from his 3 track campaign. He switches the style to a more sexy, laid back vibe courtesy of The Mak3rs.

In an email from Rell he states, “Nude is really just a sexy song. Everyone makes songs about women on sex and things like that, so we really wanted to think outside of the box lyrically on this song. I didn’t want to be too forward in what I was saying, so I really took time to say things in different ways that painted a picture of what was going on as opposed to coming right out and saying it. Turns out that a lot of females like that because its not degrading in any way but more of a vibe, something you can move to or sit back and visualize.”

Stream below.