SZA intrigues in her vivid video for “The Weekend”


Back in August, we found out that Sza commissioned Solange to direct the music video for her hit single “The Weekend.” Then last month, she teased with a very short teaser of the finished product on her Instagram account. She finally released the video at midnight and it’s about as abstract as one would expect a SZA and Solange collaboration to be.

The opening and closing scenes feature text that say “one opted out, an imbalance of power, shifted the whole tide, it waved and waved.” During the video, SZA dances in a seemingly freestyle manner in various places like a parking garage and a studio.

The visuals are draped in Solange’s aesthetic; dramatic color theory usage, carefree dancing, wide-angled shots, and emphasis on beautiful architecture. She also wears multiple outfits throughout the video that show off her physique. SZA absorbs much of Solange’s mannerisms but make it her own.

Watch the video “The Weekend” below.