Premiere: OMARtheGroove recounts past romantic experiences on ‘Before It Gets Better’

I felt a recurring sense of nostalgia as I listened to OMARtheGroove‘s Before it Gets Better. From his use of familiar samples such as Ghost Town DJs’ “My Boo” to extended Powerpuff Girls references in verses,  there’s plenty to discuss. The Northern Virginia native, who also refers to himself as the Groovy Grim Reaper, employs various cadences to drive his points home over production from the likes of Talen Ted, rMell, and MAITRO.

The project is decidedly purposeful. OMAR explained, “The album is basically me documenting my thoughts and experiences with women in my life. I made the conscious decision for Before It Gets Better to be about women, for women, and include women in the process. That is why all the song titles are named after women, the artwork was made by a woman, and all of the features are exclusively women. Often times the female features are presenting arguments in their verses that are in direct opposition of what I say. I’ve seen artist semi-execute this idea before but never throughout an entire project, so I figured I’d give it a shot.”

Stream Before It Gets Better above, and watch the video for “B.B.” below.

  • Hose

    Oh wow… Who Knew NoVA had artist this talented…. the whole world sleep