Samantha Patten delivers emotional acoustic R&B on “Home Alone”

Samantha Patten delivers emotional acoustic R&B on "Home Alone"

Connecticut singer releases sweet and soulful “Home Alone”

Connecticut singer/songwriter, Samantha Patten shares “Home Alone.” She’s got a silky smooth voice that I couldn’t fathom denying. Imagine someone making her call 3 times to get a response. I pity the fool.

2017 has been her most pivotal year, yet. After nearly four years working as an assistant at Epic Records, Samantha quit her job to pursue her lifelong dream of being a full time artist. The now twenty-something year old admits that walking away from stability and comfort was the scariest thing she’s ever done. Turning down a consistent paycheck and benefits is no where close to easy, but not feeding the creative side of yourself that’s only been receiving scraps for years was unbearable.

The sweet and soulful “Home Alone” is the first single off of her upcoming debut project slated for 2018. The project embodies acoustic roots accompanied with complex and colorful production.

She wants you here. She needs your touch. Stream “Home Alone” below.

Producer/Engineer: Matthew Fredette
Lead Guitarist: Solo Woods
Co-Producer (Vocals): Chelsea Castillo
Mixing/Mastering: Claudio Cueni

  • Courtney Carter

    Shouts to the homie Matt Fredette for all his hard work on this track as well <33