Bristol producer Sir Hiss takes us to another world with “Grand Bazaar”

grand bazaar

“You’ve never heard anything like this.” “Truly unique.” “One of a kind.” …what is this, Michell, a subpar PR interview? No, this is actually how I feel about this Sir Hiss record. “Grand Bazaar” sounds like how I imagine it would feel to chug a Four Loko, sprint through a market in a Saudi Arabian city while avoiding assassins sent to take your life, and narrowly escape by jumping onto the top of a cruise ship passing under a bridge before proceeding to enjoy the cruise with all of the passengers who actually paid to get on the boat. Of course, we get to experience this emotion with out any of the stomach-destroying effects of Four Loko or the life-threatening elements of a cinematic, high speed chase.

This record is going to be featured on Sir Hiss’s very first official EP, Saracen, which is set to release on Friday via Italdred. With influences rooted in grime and an array of attention-grabbing samples seemingly at his fingertips, this guy seems here to stay. Stream “Grand Bazaar” above, check out other previously released Saracen tracks below, and look out for Saracen on Friday.