Jay-Z’s slickest verses collide with DJ Premier’s illest beats on ‘7:18’ (Mix)


“This mixtape is a love letter to the hip hop we grew up listening to.”

MICK and Chi Duly have truly blessed us today, with the release of their 7:18 mashup project. What happens when you take some of Jay’s most memorable verses and place them on top of some of Premo’s illest beats? Well, magic.

Mick stated that his intent for the project was to take “JAY-Z’s most lyrical and personal verses and juxtapose them with DJ Premier’s most dark and precise works.” He’s onto something. Mick also explained that all of the beats selected were only used by Brooklyn artists – “Gang Starr, Jeru, Group Home, MOP, etc. If it wasn’t a BK artist, we didn’t use it.” It really feels like this project serves a dual purpose – allowing us to reflect on historic hip-hop moments, and creating another special moment in the process.

The writeup in the SoundCloud description is just as potent as the project itself: “this is music you should only listen to wearing Carhartt jackets and wheat Timbs. Do not listen to this album at a beach under a palm tree. This is music for a cold, grey day. Preferably enjoyed in a 1994 white Lexus. This is raw and uncut Brooklyn hiphop in it’s prime. A tribute to two of the best who ever did it, and in a way only we could bring it to you.

Stream 7:18 below.