Premiere: Eli Wesse embraces his victories and never looks back on “696”


Southwest Michigan native Eli Wesse is onto something with his airy, autotune-fueled new single, “696.” Eli has a chip on his shoulder, and he’s not afraid to let us know exactly how he feels.  Eli produced this record himself, with the help of Arjun Singh, who he worked with for previous records such as “Small Talk” and “Cici.”

Eli explained: “everything just came together so easy on this record. Arjun and I have really found a good groove to our work and how we do things. I wanted to touch on that and make that feel good record for the end of the summer. The timing of everything just seemed right for this one. It only took us about a day.”

Eli is a producer/vocalist, and both of his parents hail from the Congo. As a young teenager, he spent time living on the East Coast, eventually returning to live with his family in Michigan and hone his craft.

We’re happy to be premiering “696” today. Stream the record below, tune in to the previously released “Small Talk” afterwards, and listen to Eli’s previous releases via SoundCloud.