Marquel DelJuan drops “Bills” music video

Marquel DelJuan drops "Bills" music video

Watch Marquel DelJuan’s “Bills” video

Marquel Deljuan embodies the “fake it til you make it” phrase on “Bills.” He’s a regular guy, with regular money, but you wouldn’t know it. Although he’s cool, calm, and collected, he still goes through ll the stresses of life like we all do.

“Bills” is the first single from the father-son album, which serves as the soundtrack to ‘The System‘ — a film written and directed by Iroc Daniels that exposes layers of corruption and racial tension within the political, judicial and prison systems.

“There’s a lot of music I listened to including Lil’ Wayne as well as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. And I’m feeling Anderson.Paak’s vibe. It’s inspirational,” says Marquel. “But no matter what type of rapper you want to be, just pay homage. Don’t disrespect the legends.”

Watch the BuffNerds-directed video below.