Rahmaan – “On Me”

Rahmaan shows the damage from a past relationship with “On Me”

Rahmaan is on an emotional road to recovery on his new song, “On Me.” It starts with an immature tone where the artist is stuck on their ex as opposed to moving on. He journeys to a point where he can realize that his energy is better spent in other places. The dark fantasy comes to an end dripping in a puddle of Hennessy and a cloud of high thoughts.

Rahmaan states via email, “In ‘On Me,’ I wrote about the end of a toxic relationship I dealt with between May 2016 to March 2017, and what extreme emotions I personally went through following it. My thoughts within this song shift from fake egocentrism to tackling what’s really going on with my self-esteem, due to the damaging nature of my past relationship. This piece is extremely personal to me, and my hope is that it captivates listeners to break free of their romantic darkness and learn to find peace within themselves.”

Stream the ROMderful-produced song below and via these digital platforms. Get the track on iTunes.