Mysterious artist Hex floats over airy samples on “Hex”


Hex has released “Hex” – it’s as simple and complicated as that. Hex is a Minneapolis artist who is also known as Offsite, but comes wielding a new reconfiguration and sound.

His debut self-titled track comes in the form of visuals traveling through his mind that feel like a hazy forest. He invites you to stare deep into his eyes as images of cartoons and a shirtless jamming Hex come into play. The visuals feel raw and transparent.

It feels like a gateway into his vulnerability and understanding of his purpose. This new brand isn’t just a new name for Offsite, it’s a realization. It feels freeing to hear him float over this self-produced, heavenly track. It’s his sung journey of rediscovering himself and his purpose and he dedicates this enlightenment to his late friend Mark.

Watch the video for “Hex” below.

  • Nicholas J Donalds