July 7 is dynamic and rhythmic on “Boy”

July 7 "Boy"

Stream July 7’s “Boy”

Manchester singer and multi-instrumentalist, July 7, steps further into the spotlight with his new single and announcement of his forthcoming EP. After the success of his last three releases, which have collectively pulled in over 2 million streams, and with his single “Talk To Me” reaching the #6 spot on Spotify’s Global charts, July 7 continues to roll out tracks from his debut EP with new single “Boy.”

The dynamic track takes the spirit of bossa nova and combines it with traditional hip-hop production to give listeners a lively vibe. He needs answers. “What’s the deal?” “What’s it gonna be?” he asks. How you answer will dictate the next move.

His debut EP, Sweets, is out on November 17th. When speaking about the project he shares, “The EP is a collection of moments I’ve created and tied together over the past few months. It’s all ear candy music, sweet sounds and melodies.”

Stream “Boy” below and via digtal platforms.