Blu & Exile call back to ‘Below The Heavens’ with “Back To Basics”

Back to Basics

After cancelling their tour due to health concerns, Blu & Exile have returned with a gem called “Back To Basics.”  In the Beginning: Before the Heavens will contain tracks from before and during the recording of their underground classic Below The Heavens. There were over forty tracks that didn’t make the final cut of their 2007 release, and now they’re letting loose fourteen of them in a few weeks.

“Back To Basics” takes on the gritty side of the Los Angeles collaboration. Exile keeps the same swinging, minimal vibe of tracks like”Juicen’ Dranks” and “Money” from Give Me My Flowers While I can Still Smell Them while Blu is put center stage and set up to take over on three verses.

The quality of his raps are timeless even while he references himself as a vet like Pat Ewing and talks about blazing more Knicks than Reggie Miller. He raps, “I told them rap music used to speak for itself,” as he describes the humble, hard-working ethic behind tackling the music industry ten years ago and it feels like nothing has changed.

In the Beginning: Before the Heavens is out October 20. Pre-order it now. Stream “Back To Basics” below.