Stream Darko the Super’s expressive album, ‘Watered Down Demon Fuzz’

watered down demon fuzz

Philadelphia artist Darko the Super has been steadily taking over the past few years, and Watered Down Demon Fuzz is a great next step. It’s impossible to pigeonhole or box in Darko the Super, off-kilter rhymes, spoken word flows and more make listening to Darko an adventure. On top of all this, Darko has produced a ton of music over the span of his career and it doesn’t stop here on his latest effort.

Darko once again takes listeners into the recesses of his mind with production spanning inspiration from all types of music. He reminds me of Aesop Rock in that he isn’t afraid to sample anything or challenge the listener with his art. From the trippy sounding “The Earth Isn’t F*cking Flat” to the very blatant “Hip Hop DX Bad, Darko Good,” Darko can do it all but chooses to pave his own path. Darko might not fit traditional molds, but once you dive into Watered Down Demon Fuzz, you’ll realize there’s something on there for everyone.

Stream below.