Patrick Michel showcases every element of artistry on ‘Side Effects’ (Album)

side effects

Up until recently, I was unaware of the artist known as Patrick Michel. Thankfully, a mutual friend linked me to some of his work and he’s been showing up steadily on my playlists ever since. The first song I came across was “Off The Shits,” an incredibly melodic, well-written and structured track that highlights all of Patrick’s capabilities as an artist.

Rapping, vocalizing, wittiness, all elements of versatility. With that being said, it was only natural that I dug deeper. Luckily for me, he wasn’t a one-off success – he actually had a lot more quality in the chamber than I could have anticipated. His latest album, Side Effects, is a cohesive, 10-track project with songs spanning several styles.

Hailing from my hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts, I can safely say that Patrick is representing the city, the sate, and the region very well. Side Effects features a wide range of production credits with a few features tossed in to compliment and bring the whole thing together. The plays are racking up for this release, and they’ll only go exponentially higher as time passes.

Stream Side Effects below.