Deverano – “Energy” ft. Effie Liu

Deverano Energy ft. Effie Liu

Deverano is in love with your “Energy”

Singer/songwriter, Deverano, drops an upbeat Pop cut titled “Energy” featuring Effie Liu. This song is all about attraction and these two artists collaborate well while displaying it.

“My inspiration came from both astrological compatibility as well as theĀ 7 chakra understanding, from each verse to the artwork. My goal for this song is to highlight that very attraction between two bodies and minds. Everyone wonders about how it’s even possible when it seems so effortless at times. And as questionable as it may be, I believe the only way we can even justify that ultimate attraction is by riding the wave and savoring the moment. In short, this song is about attraction,” Deverano states via email.

With an added breakdown at about 2:50, the song is given a Hip-Hop face to give it a new look before re-entering with a solo string section. Stream below and get the song via digital platforms.