Connor Evans feels like Lil Wayne in 2007 on “Kodak”


Following the release of his “song of the Summer” contender “American Bandstand”, Connor Evans follows-up with the bouncy, insanely catchy “Kodak.” Evans releases the song in the midst of evacuating from the US Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma. When Connor says he “feels like Wayne in 2007”, it’s a notice to the game that Connor is about to release new music in a prolific nature.

Connor explained: “Kodak was one of the first records I cut when I got back in the studio after spending a lot of time traveling to Atlanta and New York. I’ve been locked in the studio just doing track after track. I’ll always remember Wayne’s run up to the Carter 3 and when they dropped the documentary showcasing his work ethic in that time period. That’s been my wave, pushing myself to record as many records as humanly possible. I feel with this next round of records I’m dropping I’m making a case for why I need to be in all these discussions everyone’s having about who you need to watch the fuck out for.”

Stream “Kodak” below.