Kwaku gets a taste of his own “Medicine” from a new romantic interest


Throughout “Medicine,” Boston lyricist/emcee Kwaku tells a story of his past actions in a story about the difficulties of starting a serious relationship with a girl who’s playing games with him – just as he used to do, giving him a taste of his own medicine. The track was produced by Shadowkey, Spenser Edmund, and American Antagon1st, and has a heavy EDM/dance influence while staying true to Kwaku’s signature Hip Hop/R&B sound. After working on it for nearly a year, it’s been unleashed to the public.

We’ve all been there; we’ve all had relationships in the past we wish we could re-do. Maybe it was the one who got away, maybe it’s just a fault you had during that time that you’d like to fix. Regardless, since we can’t, we move forward with the lessons learned and try not to make the same mistake(s) twice. Well, what happens when the tables are turned and those same difficulties come back to bite you when starting a new romance?

Stream “Medicine” below.