Sylvan Lacue makes time for himself on “Selfish” (Video)


Sylvan Lacue‘s video for “Selfish” features some beautiful scenery. The reflective single finds him in a reflective mood, as he realizes that he needs to take more time for himself. Sylvan is gearing up for his Apologies In Advance album, and he plans to shake some things up with the project’s release.

In an interview on his website, WiseUp & Co, he explained: “Apologies in Advance represents 10 years of me releasing music to the public and still hearing ‘you’re underrated.’ I’m ready to retire that phrase. From the QuESt days to now, I’m 100% eternally grateful for God’s timing and guidance over my life, but I’m not going into 11 years underrated or an up and comer. I’ve remained patient and stayed my course. I’ve token risks and have had the grace and opportunity to fail. I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Watch the Jonathan Benevente-directed video for “Selfish” below.