Rahmaan brings Indian culture to the forefront in “Shanti”

Rahmaan brings Indian culture to the forefront in "Shanti"

Rahmaan drops the third single “Shanti” from his upcoming Gracious project

Brooklyn’s Rahmaan is back and he brings a powerful new single titled “Shanti” with him. The KINGBNJMN-produced song derives from personal relationships that he experienced. These ties led him to places of doubt and stagnation. Through his faith and perseverance, he made it out and is on a path to help others who endure similar struggles.

Relationships & Growth

“In ‘Shanti,’ I talk about some personal details of a toxic relationship I was stuck in between May 2016 to March 2017. Although the song is very personal to me, I believe it has the ability to help other people within toxic relationships (as there are way too many) break free of their demons and learn to find happiness.  Although the song title directly means “peace,” it by no means sounds peaceful. Throughout the song, I am struggling to find the peace that I need,” he states.

“As I say ‘Yallah, Yallah — I need some kind of power, power — to be all on my own‘ in the prehook, I pray to Allah asking for emotional strength and independence. My hope is for this song to help listeners in the same way that creating it helped me deal with my problems. In essence, the definition of this song is, “f*** the negativity, I’mma focus on myself.

Fashion, Dance & Culture

I truly enjoy Rahmaan’s focus on culture. His ability and willingness to bring it to the forefront of the music serves as creative differentiation and a draw for eclectic, yet selective, audience members. The video was shot by Sage English and choreographed by Ishita Mili.

“For this music video, Ishita choreographed in a unique style blending ​elements of Indian classical dance with urban hip-hop — a style she has created called “Urban Indian.” This specific style also reflects the blend in cultures seen in ‘Shanti’.​ In this video, the dancers wear an Urban take on Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance) outfits, as I dressin one white and one black kurta (male Indian dress),” explains Rahmaan.

“In one scene, you can also see myself in front of six hands, ​inspired by the Hindu goddess Durga who carries different symbolic weapons and items in her multiple hands to ​combat the​ evil that threatens peace (shanti).  Although I am Muslim, I take a deep interest into Hindu culture, since India is Bangladesh’s neighbor and close cultural relative​.”

Enjoy Rahmaan’s self directed video above, get your dose of “Shanti” via digital platforms, and let us know what you think about his new song in the comments.