Brock delivers refreshing, smooth pop on the ‘Story’ EP

Stream Brock's debut EP 'Story'

Stream Brock’s debut EP ‘Story’

We first learned about Brock with his first single release, “Hide It.” He ups the ante and improves on it as the Mississippi-born artist returns with his debut project, Story.

“Growing up in Mississippi, I was surrounded by blues and country and naturally I felt pressured to include some of that style in my own work. My parents kept the radio on a lot when I was a kid, which introduced me to the world of pop music, most notably to groups like N’Sync, Hansen, Sugar Ray, and Third Eye Blind to name a few. I grew to love and respect that type of music and songwriting. Everything else just wasn’t for me,” Brock states via email.

Brock skillfully embodies the essence of past Pop greats and works in a way that creates a refreshing style that is all his own. Stream the Story album below and watch the “Never Die” music video.