Dave East is focused on ‘Paranoia: A True Story’ (Album)


East Harlem standout Dave East‘s Paranoia: A True Story project is here, and it’s one for the books. The thirteen-track release includes guest features from Nas, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy, and French Montana.

When asked by Billboard about what he’s most paranoid about, Dave had a poignant, straight up answer: “just ’cause of how fast my life changes. It changed overnight, but it didn’t happen overnight. It kind of flipped quick. I was in the projects one day and then I was gone. Me being a father, I feel like I’m her sole protector more than anybody on Earth. That had me paranoid. Like I always gotta get back to her. I always gotta be in a position where I’m not jeopardizing no time away from her that I’m not making no money.”

Stream Paranoia below, and watch the video for “My Dirty Little Secret” afterwards.