Aria Lanelle works through past hurts on “Shellshocked”

Aria Lanelle Shellshocked

‘Shellshocked’ – adjective – experiencing psychological disturbance caused by prolonged exposure to active warfare, especially being under bombardment.

Romantic relationships can leave scars on our hearts long after the situation is over. Singer/songwriter Aria Lanelle encapsulates that feeling with her latest offering “Shellshocked”. Aria finds herself stuck between trying to heal herself from past hurts and regrets while simultaneously dealing with the possibility of a new love interest. Even though this new man only wants to love her, she has her guard up from a past relationship.

“It’s hard to open to love
Old habits die hard, I guess
All you want to do is hold me close like I’m a treasure
But I’m buried underwater under all of my regrets”

Aria realized through it all, though that her first and most noble duty is to love herself before anyone else.

Aria also shows that she has the range in this song with ethereal highs and rich, robust lows over the whimsical Daniel Dalexis production. “Shellshocked” is the first single from Lanelle’s forthcoming EP Season, due out this fall.

Stream “Shellshocked” below and buy the single on iTunes.