Ryun Yusef’s “pretty boi” sounds like a cool summer sunset

pretty boi

I recently moved to Boston from Florida, and Ryun Yusef‘s “pretty boi” is the epitome of a beautiful day for me.

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t think Boston would be humid. I thought I was leaving behind the sticky and the wet heat of Florida once I left. I was wrong. Boston is as humid and it rains almost as much. It feels like I never left Florida, until the beautiful days hit. The dry days where it reaches the low 70s during a sunset. Orange rays pierce over buildings and it feels like leaves should be changing colors. All windows are cracked and the breeze is adventurous.

This is what “pretty boi” sounds like to me. It’s the beginning of the sunset. It’s when it feels cool out, but the sun is still glaring. It’s a cityscape tinged with sunlight through the crack of an apartment window. And currently it feels like an attainable dream. Even as something as minuscule as a good day’s weather, the pleasant surprise makes all the difference.

Floridian artist Ryun Yusef teamed up with producer Corey Alexander for this single, and I want more from this duo. Ryun Yusef has experimented with many sounds since I first met him — a rapper enjoying jazzy hip-hop beats. While I appreciate his experimental, industrial sound (see “senile” and “nose hill park“), I believe “pretty boi” is when he sounds best. It’s fall music for the summer. The swinging, soothing guitar that meshes perfectly with the ominous synthesizer and warm bass is the perfect backdrop to Ryun’s reverb-happy, crooning vocals.

Ryun Yusef is a name you need to become familiar with. “pretty boi” is a welcoming introduction, but be ready because he’s always been surprising with his sound. Listen to the new single below.