Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna test each other’s “Loyalty” (Video)


From the first time I heard “Loyalty” from Kendrick Lamar‘s critically acclaimed¬†DAMN.¬†album, I pictured in my head what the visuals could and would look like. Well, Dave Meyers & the little homies surpassed my expectations with the video for the sultry collab with Rihanna.

The video starts off with Kung-Fu Kenny in a room full of half-naked women dancing. Kendrick is blindfolded, though, signaling the level to which his loyalty extends. Then, it gets a bit trippy. As Kendrick is in the middle of the street, masked men start coming toward him but they sink into the street before they can get to him.

The central theme of the song and video is loyalty and trust. They test each other in the video in a couple of ways. Rihanna provokes a trick by spitting her gum at him and steps back as Kendrick fights him as he comes toward her. Kendrick tells Rih to “trust me” as he holds her by her arm atop a tall building and lets her dangle after the intro to “Pride” from DAMN. interrupts the song. The video is reminiscent of Harley Quinn and the Joker with the type of “love” and “loyalty” they display.

The video ends with Kendrick and Rihanna in the man’s car who Rihanna spit her gum at. Even though it ends in a car crash, they still show definitive proof that the couple that scams together stays together. Joanne the Scammer would be proud.

Check out the video to “Loyalty” below.