Premiere: Ace Henderson shares grainy, vulnerable visuals for “Runaway”


North Carolina emcee Ace Henderson gives us grainy ,and vulnerable visuals for his single, “Runaway.” On this single Ace expounds upon his hardships and what he had to endure while coping with his long-distance relationship and moving to New York. Ace turned to relying on alcohol and prescription drug use.

Although covered in hip-hop throughout different eras, mental health is still a taboo topic in some circles. What’s puzzling is how people take a laissez-faire approach, especially in the African-American community. It’s easy to sit back and talk about how you would handle situations until you’re in the midst of them. Some people like to ignore their problems, or run away from them, but at the end of the day it’s better to actually solve problems than to avoid them. Ace isn’t resigning himself to taking the easy way out.

Ace explained via email:

“While my ex & I lived in New York, I was underage and experimenting with a life that didn’t feel like my own. I was young and in-love which jaded my decision-making and led to the demise of the trust between each other via my exploits of our relationship. At times, it felt like I was her little-brother instead of her partner.”

“When she left New York to begin her study-abroad program we attempted a long-distance relationship that only further pushed me into a cycle of alcohol & prescription-drug dependency as a means of coping with her physical absence and the pressure of maturing at a pace beyond my peers. While my friends were enjoying their nights & weekends in college by tailgating at football games and pool parties – I was acquiring odd-jobs to supplement my income to take care of my grandmother while she was diagnosed with brain tumors. At times, my unavailability made me resent my own life but the beauty of music, is the ability to invoke reflection. This EP represents the sense of relief at the end of a bottle of whiskey, or the twists & turns we make through life, in the pursuit of emotional clarity.”

It takes a lot for a person to open up and even more so to share what they are going through in music. Typically, artists who showcase what vulnerability in music are either more relatable or more respected by their fans. Look at Drake, Kanye, Kid Cudi, J. Cole for example. They all have die hard core fan bases. We should expect more personable music from Ace as he gears up for his forthcoming Free: Nights & Weekends EP.

Watch Ace Henderson’s video for “Runaway” above. Props to Part Time Astronauts on the visuals.