D.C. songstress Alex Vaughn shines on “Gotta Have It” and “Are You That Somebody”

gotta have it

Alex Vaughn gives us heavy 90’s vibes with modern polish and flair on her two latest releases – an original track called “Gotta Have It,” and her full length cover of Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody.” The former is written and co-produced by Alex herself, with additional production coming from Jaylen!, Briley Harris, and The Hvns. Alex is a vocalist in every sense of the word, and her voice shines through bright and clear over bouncy percussion, a funky baseline, and smooth piano chords.

The latter comes due to popular demand, after a 74 second video of her “Are You That Somebody” dropped in October 2016, eventually racking up over 12,000 retweets.

The full length version lives up to the hype, as Alex incorporates additional harmonies and an original verse over production that features subtle, futuristic modifications of the original. Alex produced this track as well, with the help of The Hvns. Stream the full version of “Are You That Somebody” below.