Premiere: Curbside Jones – ‘Wolves’ Clothing’ (EP)

Premiere: Curbside Jones - Wolves' Clothing (EP)

Listen to the Wolves’ Clothing EP from Curbside Jones

Last week, we brought you Curbside Jones‘s “Been Wolf” music video. He is back for the second act of our 3 part escapade to exclusively premiere the Wolves’ Clothing EP.

Wolves’ Clothing is a spin on the tale of the wolf pretending to be a sheep to get by in the world. What if the sheep wanted to become the wolf and shed stereotypes and stigma that comes with being said creature?

The sheep has experienced things such as hyper-masculinity, death, failed relationships, being denied by social institutes, and internal conflict. The sheep goes into a thrift store and finds clothes that a wolf once wore and decides to buy them, thus embodying the persona and mindset of the wolf.

Curbside tells us, “This EP contains some of my most transparent music I’ve released in years and I’m very proud to showcase this work. Merch for the album will come in the form of a collector’s edition wooden box. There’s only 3 of these in existence, I don’t even have one for myself lol.”

Brilliant and well written narration is like the glue that binds the tale together. This project is more than an album. This is truly an experience. It’s full of character, conflict, and struggle, making it a story well worth the listen.

Curbside is truly in a league of his own. The content’s transparency coupled with his storytelling ability draw you into his world. You can easily see the him in character as the sheep, but also understand that the sheep is a member of society apart from him.

Stream Wolves’ Clothing below and get your copy on iTunes.

curbside jones wolves' clothing EP tracklist

The merchandise will be 3 pack. It contains a 10 page lyric/poem/photo book and a USB drive full of unreleased content (Drafts, loops, beats, and vocals) + the music video for been wolf. All of this comes in an engraved wooden box with the Sheepreme logo on top. Each box will sell for $50 and will come with a free download of the EP.

Once these boxes sell out there will be no more made, so it’s a true collectors item. All merchandise is designed by Curbside Jones, himself.

curbside jones wolves' clothing EP merchandise
All tracks were produced, recorded, written, and engineered by Curbside Jones
Poetry comes courtesy of my 7c Herm and Rob D
Narration comes courtesy of Rob D
Cover art comes courtesy of Curbside’s fiancee, Knatasha