Atlanta’s Keenon Rush and John Dierre premiere a cinematic video for “Pushing Buttons”

pushing buttons

Atlanta rapper Keenon Rush linked up with fellow Atlanta cinematographer John Dierre to release a video for Keenon’s bass-heavy single, “Pushing Buttons.” Johni Dierre visually taps into the emotional contradictions of success, revenge and determination.

The video parallels the minimalist instrumentation of “Pushing Buttons,” setting Keenon in a dystopian training facility where he must learn to literally will money into his possession using purely focus. Throughout the visual, he invites viewers to a more ethereal aesthetic alluding to his success and perseverance.

“We shot during a terrible storm and the thunder footage ended up looking like special effects,” John said in reference to the eerie art direction for the video. Watch below.

Thanks to his strong religious upbringing, large cultural appetite, and unique musical flare, Keenon is ready to take 2017 by storm. He has a heavy content roster in the queue with a three-part EP series, which starts in June with Citizen Keen. In the midst of today’s political climate, the lead single for the project will be “PSA,” a tribute to the narrative of young, marginalized and underwhelmed youth. Just like the lyrical flow of his current single, “Pushing Buttons,” he delivers an electrifying message that speaks volumes to a budding generation of lyricists and creatives.