Premiere: Curbside Jones – “Been Wolf” (Video)

PREMIERE: Curbside Jones - "Been Wolf" (Video)

Austin rapper blends with wolves in the “Been Wolf” music video

It’s still Sheep SZN for Austin rapper and producer, Curbside Jones. Today we’ve partnered with him to exclusively premiere the official video for “Been Wolf.”

One thing I quickly learned about Curbside once we first connected and I saw his work, is that he’s a brilliant concept artist. Clearly, he can rap. Yes, his beats knock with the best of them. One thing I will not do, is fail to mention his creativity and ability to piece together themes that serve a bigger purpose.

He has a new project on the way titled Wolves’ Clothing. It’s a spin on the tale of the wolf pretending to be a sheep to get by in the world. Get it? What if the sheep wanted to become the wolf and shed the stereotypes and stigma that come with being said creature? His music video is a solid entry into the full project and you’ll quickly see as the story comes to life.

When speaking with Curbside he stated, “The music video and the ideas were conceived earlier in the year around late Feb, early March. I reached out to Digsbot because I’ve seen his work before when I was shopping around for animation for a previous video I put out. The video is an overview of the project and stands as a commercial. ”

“What you gon’ do when these wolves come through? / Hidin’ in plain sight, they comin’ for you,” he raps.

Watch the Digsbot and Curbside Jones-directed video below.