Boogey’s night out gets out of hand on “Liquor Nights” ft. Tay

Boogey's night out gets out of hand on "Liquor Nights" ft. Tay

Nigeria’s Boogey drops “Liquor Nights,” the first single from his upcoming “Nouveau Niveau” project. Boogey delivers a flurry of successful raps while Tay holds down the hook with stellar vocals, serving as the glue that holds this track together.

“Good morning the city of Marrakech / Arabian night, what the hell happened before I slept.
Hangover got these memories hanging over my head like a hijab / When they saw this man sober, he wept”

Boogey narrates an experience in Marrakech, Morocco, of a fun night that might have gotten out of hand. It’s a conflicting battle with addiction inside the mind of an alcoholic.

Stream below.