Ace Cosgrove steps into a new comfort zone on ‘Ms. Claire’s Basement’

ms. Claire's basement

Over the last three years, Maryland’s Ace Cosgrove has built out quite the SoundCloud catalog, gaining a steady global following in the process. However, his latest project, Ms. Claire’s Basement, could be the project to launch him into the ears of many, many more.

For Cosgrove, Ms. Claire’s Basement has a truly different sound than his past work. It’s got more guts. The production and mastering are infinitely more inventive and polished, and the use of more — and fantastic — features and hooks makes the project seem whole and rounded, deserving of a “studio album” tag.

“I can’t even lie, I’m the worst thing in your life — please don’t hate me out of spite”

Following the intro track, “More Advice” sets up the album in epic fashion. Cosgrove stews over missed signs and warnings, and how its affected those around him. Featuring fellow Hostile Youth member Uno Hype, “Missing All Year” may just be Ace Cosgrove’s best track to date.

“Why build a wall when we all immigrants?”

This track is a ballad. The subject matter touches on the current state of politics, believing in yourself, and being able to filter through peoples’ deceit. He muses about “leaving a place called home, facing your fears all alone…”

For those looking for some music for the soul, KoraTheArtist’s silky vocals on “The Pressure” stand out, and contrast elegantly with Ace’s more aggressive flows. Wanna dance? “My Fault” will have you bouncing in your seat, looking for the nearest roller rink. All together, this project is a standout. Take Ace Cosgrove’s existing recipe for success, diversify the sound, add in tasteful, purposeful vocals, and fuse it all together into one solid piece of art. Even though the project is called Ms. Claire’s Basement, its creator won’t be on the low for long.

Stream below.