Tyler, The Creator – “Who Dat Boy” ft. A$AP Rocky (Video)

Tyler, The Creator - "Who Dat Boy" ft. A$AP Rocky (Video)

Tyler, The Creator blows his face off and evades police in “Who Dat Boy”

I honestly didn’t like Tyler, The Creator very much when I was younger. However, as I grow, I start to see the brilliance that he has on different levels. I see a lot rapper’s calling every little thing they do a “movie,” but Tyler’s creativity puts him in a space where I wouldn’t laugh if he claimed his visuals to be so.

In his latest release, he teams up with A$AP Rocky for his new song and music video, “Who Dat Boy.” The two are a dynamic duo, of sorts. It opens up with Tyler in his room tinkering away at some gadget that ultimately blows up. He runs out of his house and reveals that half of his face destroyed. He heads to Rocky’s house where he undergoes a jiggy surgical procedure to fix his mess.

This self-directed video from Tyler (under the name Wolf Haley) is dynamic. It’s the type that I’m going to run back a few times to take in the verses more closely and also enjoy the expressions and scene transitions, throughout. It might seem like it doesn’t have a definite aim, sometimes, but I have the feeling that the song and visuals are more cohesive than what first meets the eye.

Watch below and let us know your thoughts on “Who Dat Boy.”

  • Paul Southard

    he released ‘what the fuck right now’ on youtube too so it’s not the first thing he released since cherry bomb