Kirby Maurier embraces freedom with her escapist video for “N-Sh*t” (Video)

Kirby Maurier

When’s the last time you truly felt free? Miami-based singer/songwriter Kirby Maurier embraces the vice that takes her to the moon in her new video for “N-Sh*t.” The video, which was filmed in the Florida Everglades, features wildlife native to the state and a general vibe that supplement’s the song’s atmospheric feel. Lo-fi, colorful visuals prove to be the perfect visual accompaniment for a song that is all about escapism.

Kirby is the only human being to appear in this video. In fact, the video almost feels like it takes place on a different planet. The scenery is beautiful though, regardless of its unfamiliarity. Kirby produced the song, along with Vegas Fontaine. We’re happy to be premiering the video for “N-Sh*t” today. Watch the Bleu Odin, Kirby Maurier, and StayLookingOut-directed production below.