IHATEYOUSHEED’s “Vogue!” is an uptempo summertime groove


Philadelphia artist IHATEYOUSHEED makes his return to AM with a bouncy pop single entitled “Vogue!” As the weather gets warmer you should expect to see a lot more summertime music dropping. IHATEYOUSHEED steps up with this lively and up-tempo self-produced new single. Contrary to the overall mood of the song Sheed made “Vogue!” at a low point in his life.

The Philly native stated via email, “I lost all my music at the beginning of this year, and was in a dark, angry place.” He went on to say “At the time losing all my music was the worst feeling ever, but ‘Vogue!’ being the first song I made after that incident makes it clear that was just a hump I needed to get over to grow as an artist.” Let’s hope that Sheed stays in a positive creative space and doesn’t lose anymore music moving forward .

Stream IHATEYOUSHEED’s single “Vogue” below.