24 Artists, 24 Songs, 24 Hours. LFOD’s ‘#24in24’ is the essence of unity


Living in an age of cluttered music and an overwhelming amount of artists is not that fun, but real music lovers take pride in the hunt. The quality of the art’s essence gets watered down and becomes mundane over time, but again – we know greatness is out there, so we are undeterred. Another big issue these days is that music fans don’t usually know where to look, or what to look for – especially if you’re introducing them to someone they’ve never even heard of yet. Ultimately, we rely on friends with similar opinions and trusted individuals to find those who truly appreciate their craft and measure up to our (warranted) high standards.

If you’re unaware, Massachusetts, specifically the Boston, has amassed an insane amount of talented emcees over the years. Over time, they’ve built circles, became friends, and collaborated countless times. Calling it a “family” would simply be an understatement. Enter LFOD and it’s founder, Uncle Sam. Doubling as a lyricist and a CEO, Uncle Sam came up with the brilliant idea of bringing all these artists together for a project called #24in24.

The concept is simple: 24 artists recorded 24 songs in 24 hours, all at The Bridge Sound and Stage studio. The project was engineered by Alex Allinson and Lightfoot, and mastered by The Arcitype. The inventive, wide-range project has something for everyone and includes new music from Prano, Paranom, Bakari JB, REKS, Rayel, STL GLD, Darius Heywood, M-Dot and more. #24in24 is the essence of unity and can be used as an example for cities all over, hopefully it becomes a catalyst for changing the “there’s not enough room for both of us” mentality so many seem to have.

Purchase “#24in24” digitally, here for only 10$.

In regards to the project, Uncle Sam explained, “we’re incredibly proud of the artistry displayed throughout the 24 songs, as many artists left their comfort zones, delivering raw and emotional performances. The sense of camaraderie created by the experience is invaluable as well, with new relationships being formed and existing ones strengthened. The effects of this weekend will reverberate throughout the scene for years to come. We can’t wait to see what happens. Almost every artist involved has been a guest on LFOD Radio and has a podcast up on www.LFODRadio.com, so listeners are encouraged to follow up on their favorites and learn more about them. We broadcast live every Tuesday from 7-8pm on 91.5 FM in Boston and stream worldwide. We are focused on building a community among our collaborators, so you will see these same names return for cyphers, live shows, and more.”