Cousin Stizz Links with G-Eazy for “Neimans Barneys”

Neimans Barneys

The best artists know that their fans come first, and making them happy is a top priority. Cousin Stizz has no issues when it comes to honing this element of artistry, which is why he’s blessed us with a new single, “Neimans Barneys,” featuring G-Eazy. His One Night Only album being pushed back due to clearance issues. As an artist, it’s imperative to realize that the fans determine your success level – and Cousin Stizz has never fallen short of the bar.

Kick up your feet and tilt the Henny bottle back because this unexpected combo is actually a vibe of a match. Boston and the Bay Area join forces on this latest, grimy yet gorgeous, hood anthem and truly compliment each other well as the track progresses. Following up on “Jo Bros” and “Headlock” (feat. Offest), “Neimans Barneys” is the perfect addition to an ever-so-teasing single collection of what will be One Night Only. Keep your laces tight, it’s coming.

Stream “Neimans Barneys” below.