The Best AudioMack Channels For Hip-Hop


The internet can do pretty amazing things for music, whether it’s pop, classic, or brand new.

For pop music, it’s almost hard to open a streaming app without hearing the major radio hits. Head to iHeartRadio, pull up iTunes, or log into Spotify, and you’ll find the first playlist labeled Top 40 & Pop, or something very similar. That’s not to say you can’t find other genres of your choice or even customize your own station, but the most popular songs of the day are easier to find than ever before. You might even say they’re harder to avoid, depending on how you feel about them. It’s no longer about turning on your car radio or waiting for MTV and TRL’s top-10 music videos, you can now fully inundate yourself with pop hits all day long if you want.

For older music, there are always different kinds of tributes popping up online. Sometimes it’s in the form of a documentary on Hulu or HBO Go and sometimes it’s a fan website. More recently there’s a trend toward casino gaming sites posting games that are essentially homages to iconic artists. Typically the subjects of these games are classic rock groups but we even saw one pop up for Michael Jackson after the artist’s death. The game bedazzles players with themes of fame and glamour and, despite being a computer slot reel, recreates the feeling of a real trip to Vegas.

Where the hip-hop scene is concerned, the best treat the internet has to offer is easy ways to spot new music. Sometimes that means new content from established musicians, and sometimes it means fun ways of discovering brand new artists. Whatever the case, a lot of it is happening on AudioMack, where professionals and amateurs alike can find an easy way of posting their music without jumping through too many hoops.

With that in mind, we wanted to devote some attention to a few of the best AudioMack channels out there for hip-hop lovers.

Hometown Heroes: Detroit – This is a playlist that’s essentially exactly what it sounds like. It’s built for lovers of the Detroit rap scene, which has only grown stronger over the years. You might first think of big names like Eminem and Big Sean, and both of those will appear when you listen to Hometown Heroes. But you’ll also find a great mix of other artists including Tee Grizzley, Amir Obe, and J Dilla. Incidentally, you’ll also find other “Hometown Heroes” playlists for other cities, but we highlighted this one because it’s one of the best.

Don’t Sleep – This is actually a whole category of channels rather than an individual one. But it’s a great AudioMack feature where you’ll find “artists on the rise,” and the selection is always interesting to sift through. Right now you might want to check out the playlist by A Boogie wit da Hoodie, the Bronx-based up-and-comer who landed an Atlantic Records deal last summer but is still largely unknown to all but hardcore hip-hop fans.

The Lox Mix #1 – If you like retro hip-hop, you’ll find a few appealing lists on AudioMack to look through. But even in this category it’s hard to beat The Lox Mix #1. One of the more underrated groups from the early-’90s, The Lox have a number of tracks on this list you might remember without realizing it. And there’s also some solo work from all three members: Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch.

Best Of The Month – This is another category rather than a specific channel or list, but it’s another one to keep in mind if you just like to keep your music fresh. The hip-hop category is updated each month with the latest and greatest popular tracks.

There are tons of hip-hop channels on AudioMack, but these are four to start with if you want to enjoy the internet’s endless supply of material from new and established rappers. New talent is always on the rise, so keep your ears open for the hottest new sounds on the web.