Joyner Lucas tackles a tough topic with “Just Like You” (Video)

Just Like You

Joyner Lucas‘s latest, “Just Like You,” follows the lives of two children, a boy and a girl, as they battle with the trials and tribulations of surpassing and rising above a negative legacy that their parents are currently creating. Adults, including parents, often forget how absorbent the mind of a child really is. Substance abuse, failed relationships, bad life choices, language and more are just a few actions that a child can pick up, and all are examined in Joyner’s latest release.

Since he first broke onto the scene, Lucas has been spitting audible movies and creating cinematic experiences to showcase them. He truly is a master of words, and he uses those words to put listeners exactly where he wants them – captivated with the song and fully immersed in the accompanying visual. These creations are usually very impactful, substantial and valuable. His latest drop is no different.

Watch the video for “Just Like You” below.

“Just Like You” is off of Joyner’s forthcoming debut studio album, (508)-507-2209. With no release date just yet, fans are highly anticipating the release of this project. Joyner has been buzzing for a few years now and this album has the potential to truly propel him into the limelight – as he deserves. Worcester, Massachusetts, stand up.