Maydien & ROMderful’s “Here” is a testament to perseverance (Premiere)


Dutch vocalist Maydien and U.K.-based producer ROMderful, also known as R.O.M., are a fitting duo on their ambient new release, “Here.” ROMderful’s bouncy, melodically driven production serves as an ample backdrop for Maydien’s elastic delivery, which toes the line gracefully between singing and rapping. The production has a slightly ominous feel to it, with guitar strums that bend and distort as Maydien muses, “this could have been a love song.”


The song finds Maydien, whose name is pronounced May-D-en, referring to a South African music legend who named Rodgriguez, who was known as the Sugar Man. He made music in the states during the 1970’s, but his music didn’t pop off the way he wanted to, so he quit music and started a new career as a demolition contractor. He had no idea that his music was a huge hit in South Africa until 1998, when they found him working in the streets and brought him to South Africa to play in sold out stadium arenas.

Maydien explained: “I didn’t release a track for a while, and patience really was messing with me. I kept on working on new material and my profile until I found the right tools and got the right people behind me. My last upload on Spotify and SoundCloud was nine months ago. I kinda felt like the sugar man – working on stuff and nobody, with nobody paying it any mind. Unlike him, I’m not going to give up.”

Maydien’s work ethic has paid off to an extent, thus far. He already has releases with Artist Intelligence Agency and Future Beats Records in his discography. Expect more collaborative efforts from these two in the near future, as they’ve been working together closely over the past few months. Look for more information on Maydien’s forthcoming EP in the near future, and check out his previous releases via his SoundCloud page. We’re happy to be premiering “Here” today, which can be streamed below via Spotify.