K, Le Maestro remixes Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” on “one night in love [90.9]”

Crazy In Love

It was 14 years ago that Beyoncé burst onto the scene with her first solo record “Crazy In Love.” The summer banger, which featured her future husband Jay Z, propelled Beyoncé into the superstar we know today. Well, just in time for this anniversary, rapper/producer K, Le Maestro released a bouncy remix to the hit track called “one night in love [90.9].”

The original song is a very aggressive and electric track that immediately gets you moving. Maestro’s remake slows down the vocals, though, and adds whimsical, warped keys and pronounced percussion to create a mellow atmosphere. Even though the original is a classic, this new version is more than welcome.

Stream “one night in love [90.9]” below.