Lou The Human drops two mischievous videos for “Macklemore”


Staten Island up and coming emcee Lou The Human returns with two new ominous videos for his latest single, “Macklemore.” In a day and age where quotable hooks and rhythmic anthems standout, it’s rare that we see emcees who display gritty, straight through raps. If there’s anything that you take away from “Macklemore,” it’s that the man can rap, plain and simple.

Lou brings back the director of his previous video, “Brink,” Isaac Aguirre, to capture similarly dark imagery for “Macklemore.” Why multiple videos, you ask? Lou told Pigeons and Planes: “I’m indecisive as f*ck and couldn’t figure out which one was good. Well, there you have it.If you watch all three videos’ there seems to be a correlation as Lou wanders mischievously throughout his neighborhood while running into trouble.

Watch part one and two for Lou The Human’s gritty visuals for “Macklemore.” His debut project Humaniac should be just around the corner.