ESSNSE slows down Andre 3K’s “Prototype”


When Outkast released Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in 2003, I was enamored. Of course I loved Big Boi‘s southern rap cadences, but Andre 3000‘s take on psychedelic funk and jazz with Atlanta swag appealed to my senses. It was new and experimental and gritty while being soft. One of the standout tracks was “Prototype.” The release of the eccentric video the following year cemented it in my memory. While I’ve held a long-standing belief that this song is perfect and cannot be improved, I was proven wrong today. DJ, curator, and all around creative ESSNSE (stylized E S S N S E) did the saintly thing and slowed “Prototype” to sonic perfection.

“Went and slowed down Andre 3000’s “Prototype” a bit so you can slow dance to it with your boo thang.”, ESSNSE tweeted. This is akin to when I first heard the slowed and chopped version of Childish Gambino‘s “Redbone”. Slowing down already down-tempo funky, jazzy songs creates an atmosphere where babymaking is inevitable.

Stream the slowed down version of “Prototype” below.