Listen to Choker’s new atmospheric, genre-blending album, ‘PEAK’


Detroit artist Choker released his debut album, PEAK, on Friday and I’m still having trouble finding the right words to pin on it.

PEAK is only ten tracks, but it’s a showcase of diversified talent. Choker’s delivery and mastery of his voice is the one of two main highlights throughout the album. He knows when to come in with powerful, flying falsettos and he knows when to insert sensual harmonies. His raps range from deadpan, blunted delivery to eccentric, melodic flows.

The second highlight is his production and knowing how well his voice can blend with his huge range of talent on the instrumental. Choker produced the entire album, besides a few bits of help from his friend “Y” on trumpet and guitar on “Diorama.” But with that control, you can tell the different of growth between each individual track and the album. “Diorama” evolves from gloomy, minimal and hypnotic to an uplifting, large, body-moving experience. “Lush” probably starts off as the quietest part of the album, but ends off with a bang with upbeat synths and in-your-face raps.

At under 40 minutes, there’s so much to appreciate throughout PEAK. If you don’t have time to listen to the entire album at the moment, but want a quick taste to reel you in, I recommend “El Dorado.”

You can stream PEAK on Spotify and Apple Music, but you can also get a free download at his Bandcamp, which includes a 34-page booklet with a movie script and more.