Premiere: Matt McGhee switches gears with ‘Under New Management’

under new management

If you’ve been checking Artistic Manifesto for a decent amount of time, you’ve probably seen the name Matt McGhee a few times. If you’re unfamiliar, his Under New Management project is the perfect time to get plugged in. As the title would suggest, Matt’s celebrating being a fully independent artist once again. He does so with a grand total of nineteen tracks, with a varied soundscape that stretches from vintage soul samples and jazzy saxophone to dark trap sounds and autotune-fueled choruses.

The SoundCloud version of the project includes some snippets from The Office that couldn’t make it onto the Apple Music version. That being said, the humorous nature of those clips are just comic relief. The quality of this project itself is nothing to laugh at. Matt raps like he has a chip on his shoulder on every record, and he continues to display a great ear for beats that pull you in from the jump. If you listen closely, he also drops some vital information about his future as an artist. Stream Under New Management below, and check it out on Apple Music as well.

Under New Management (Full Mixtape Tracklist)
1 Manager a Manager
2 Make One More
3 Sunny Days
4 Feel So Alive
5 Grammy Gang 2 (feat. rMell)
6 Carnival
7 Duel (feat. King Rosé)
8 May 4, 8:30AM
9 Perfect Love Affair (feat. Autumn LaBella)
10 Explaining “Under New Management”
11 Moving
12 Got It Back
13 What You Want (Reference)
14 No Rush (feat. Jamie Jermaine)
15 Sonic
16 Depressure (feat. Kasey Jones)
17 Mom Phone Call
18 Shining (feat. ponch. & Malik)
19 Shirt (feat. King Rosé)